MacMillan’s is an amazing store full of foods that you won’t find anywhere else! My favourite is the Caramel Apple Pie, and their in house frozen yogurt!!! You need to go into the store to see all the variety and unique items they have!

-- Chris | Mississauga, Ontario

We are regulars - excellent food, great prices. Very quick & delicious pre-prepared foods. Good BBQ Fare. The best frozen Yogurts.

-- Barb | Guelph, Ontario

This is my first visit, all the way from Windsor! Impressed with the shop, the cleanliness, efficient layout and very friendly staff.

-- Sandra | Windsor, Ontario

The store is great. Nice variety and wonderful sales.

-- Brenda | Rockwood, Ontario

Most places you go to buy frozen foods are hit & miss unless you go to MacMillan’s that is. Every product I have purchased at MacMillan’s has been excellent. Truly setting a new standard in frozen gourmet foods. Their vast selection of meats, vegetables and baking goods sets them apart from the pack

-- Bob Acton | Ontario

First visit - Great prices

-- Gloria | Brampton, Ontario

We are regulars. Great food, great prices

-- Sue | Paris, Ontario

Many visits! Love this store!!

-- Nancy | Mississauga, Ontario

Excellent quality food!

-- Nicole | Milton, Ontario

We live locally and love the frozen food and how quick it is to prepare. We also love the frozen yogurt for smoothies.

-- Kathy | Georgetown, Ontario